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Fox Creek Leather Jacket

€ 1500.00
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We were impressed with the Fox Creek Leather Men's Vented Racing Jacket and Lori (our Women's Motorcycle Clothing page editor) absolutely loves her Women's 3/4 Length Jacket, which still gets raves from strangers well over a year later.

There's something about the quality of the leather and the stitching that makes a Fox Creek Leather product stand out from the crowd -- especially now that just about every leather garment around seems to be made in some far-off land.

Fox Creek Leather still makes all their jackets, pants, vests and other products right here in the U.S.A. Yes, they cost a bit more, but you'll get a jacket that will last for your lifetime and probably your kid's too.

It's a shame that there are so few genuine leather clothing manufacturers left in the U.S.A. Leather goes together with motorcycles about as well as any pairing ever created. Leather jackets were just about born on a motorcycle, and it's nice to see Fox Creek Leather carrying on the tradition.

The problem is that their leather jackets are almost too good

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